What is BRIDG?

On one side, researchers and theorists forge bold ideas. On the other, industry stands ready to deliver those ideas to the world. We are the bridge between.

Press Releases

SUNY Polytechnic Institute, BRIDG Sign Agreement Paving the Way to Partner on Advancing Next-Generation Technologies

Aurora Semiconductor and BRIDG Form Strategic Alliance for High Technology
200mm Wafer Production

Osceola School District Partners with BRIDG for SEMI High Tech University’s High School Workforce Development Program

What’s in a Name? Osceola’s Advanced Manufacturing Consortium Now Called BRIDG

Current Newsletters

(December 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

From the rebranding launch this past January to the building occupancy in March, and from the ribbon cutting in April to the tools installation initiated in October…when I reflect on all these many accomplishments and the opportunity to welcome more than 2,000 visitors through BRIDG, 2017 seems to have been a very long year. At the same time, it seems like only yesterday that we were finalizing plans for our rebranding event. This year has definitely been a year full of milestones and momentum. …

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(November 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

Of all the things said about BRIDG, I have not heard anyone say it will be easy. However, our team sure makes it look that way! While that comment applies to the many challenges we faced starting this complex entity, the visual I immediately associate with is one of our tools being passed through the side of the building. …

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(October 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

As Hurricane Irma left its impact on Florida, I am moved by the power of community as people joined together to recover and rebuild after the storm. My thoughts continue to be with those still affected by the recent hurricanes. It reminds me that in times of major hurricane threats, the BRIDG facility is where you want to be. …

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(August 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

One of the most exciting things about being a part of the BRIDG team is seeing the growing interest in what we are doing and the progress we are making. Even in the midst of summer vacations, we have welcomed nearly 700 visitors to the facility over the past two months. Equally exciting is the diversity of those visitors – including representatives from numerous large and small companies considering a deeper relationship with BRIDG and those interested in building a permanent site in NeoCity. …

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(July 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

What an exciting time for BRIDG and NeoCity! One of my favorite authors, Thomas Friedman, says that we are living in the “Age of Acceleration”. The story that goes along with that description entails the unprecedented pace of change in technology and innovation that is taking place right now – by most metrics, more rapidly than at any other time in history. …

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(June 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

With particle counts (an important parameter for our “super clean” room) rapidly converging to even better than expected levels, we are excited to begin the installation of the critical tools in the weeks ahead on our journey to having an initial operational capability later this year. …

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(May 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

We officially cut the ribbon to our new facility at NeoCity last month, and it continues to amaze me to see this game-changing vision become a reality. …

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(April 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

Just one year ago, NeoCity was an open field in Central Florida. Today, it is BRIDG’s new home, and we have a state-of-the-art facility to help us bring to light new and exciting ideas for our partners. We are developing technologies that positively impact and advance multiple industries such as aerospace, defense, and homeland security; agriculture; robotics and autonomous systems; manufacturing; energy; cybersecurity; and biomedical fields. …

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(March 2017) BRIDG Monthly Newsletter

We’ve had a busy start to the new year with the recent announcement of our new name and the opening of our brand new facility quickly approaching. …

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