Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing

BRIDG led the effort to stand up a national Manufacturing Innovation Institute – the Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing (ISIMM) – as part of Manufacturing USA, sponsored and partially funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Although selected as a finalist, competition for a second award was ultimately closed due federal budget restraints. However, the effort moves us into a rarified atmosphere of select company supporting an ongoing and newly reinvigorated federal effort to build economic prosperity in the region and nation through expanded support of manufacturing in America. Please find archived ISIMM-related information and newsletters here.

Past ISIMM News

BRIDG Makes Huge Strides in National/International Reputation

High technology, advanced manufacturing in Central Florida took another big step forward when BRIDG joined a short list of finalists for a support grant from the Department of Commerce National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for its proposed Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

Past ISIMM Newsletters

(September 6, 2017) Assembling Powerhouse Teams to Propel Success

Through BRIDG, ISIMM partners at NeoCity will experience unparalleled economies of scale with priority access to state-of-the-art capital, such as advanced manufacturing tools and materials; visionary management infrastructure; best-in-class technical, scientific and intellectual property support; and inspiring collaborative relationships to accelerate the research, development and commercialization of the next age of smart sensors and imagers.

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(July 19, 2017) Aurora Semiconductor Forms Strategic Alliance

Aurora Semiconductor, LLC—an industry partner in the ISIMM federal grant proposal—and BRIDG have signed a Letter of Intent to collaborate in the Osceola-based Public-Private Partnership to support the technology development and manufacturing deployment of Aurora’s 4D Heterogenous System in Package (4DHSiPTM) technology. …

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(May 24, 2017) Built-In Sustainability

BRIDG is built from a proven sustainability model that transformed Texas and New York into high-tech leaders. …

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(April 20, 2017) Value of ISIMM Partnerships

ISIMM accelerates the time to innovation by bringing together all aspects of the sensor and imager R&D ecosystem …

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(Mar 30, 2017) Dan Holladay Leads ISIMM as Executive Director

Dan Holladay has recently transitioned into the role of Executive Director of the Institute for Sensor and Imager Materials and Manufacturing. …

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(Mar 14, 2017) ISIMM Improves Competitive Advantage

BRIDG (formerly known as ICAMR), a 501.c6 research consortium, has established a unique partnership to create ISIMM. …

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(Feb 27, 2017) ISIMM Collaborates with Academic, Industry and Government Partners

ISIMM remains ready to take on the challenges facing the world we know today to make the possibilities of tomorrow a reality. …

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A proposed Manufacturing Innovation Institute of

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