BRIDG provides semiconductor R&D and high-mix, low-volume manufacturing capabilities to industry and government.

BRIDG is powering tomorrow’s innovative breakthroughs by providing semiconductor R&D and high-mix, low-volume manufacturing capabilities to industry and government.



BRIDG offers production process technologies, R&D capabilities, and 200mm microelectronics fabrication geared toward system miniaturization, device integration, hardware security, and product manufacturing key to aerospace/defense, 5G and the IoT/AI revolution.


BRIDG programs and unique partnerships with the semiconductor supply chain support the BRIDG mission to provide a credible, domestic microelectronics manufacturing capability and to deliver solutions to protect against malicious function insertion, fraudulent products, theft of intellectual property, and reliability failures.

  • Accelerate extreme functional density for next-generation products and systems
  • Develop and provide production and commercialization capabilities
  • Provide qualified production technologies for advanced heterogeneous system integration
  • Provide prototyping, custom process development, and low-volume production foundry services
  • Flexible IP management and protection
  • Provide academic institutions with capabilities to enable core research with a path to commercialization
  • Provide secure digital twin for semiconductor methodologies

Technical Programs

BRIDG technology programs enable essential capabilities for industry, government, and academic partners.


BRIDG operates the pure-play open-access foundry with a focus on heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging process technologies, and the development of a secure manufacturing methodology leveraging digital twin and other Industry 4.0 concepts. The technology in development at BRIDG is on track to be an enabling domestic force in virtually every industry value chain that delivers a product or service to anyone, anywhere.

Education for Tomorrow


BRIDG has partnerships in place with leading academic institutions to develop a skilled microelectronics workforce.


Learn more about our workforce development program.

Bridging the Innovation Development Gap

By uniting bold ideas with holistic capabilities and production-qualified process technologies, BRIDG enables tomorrow’s advanced innovations to reach the market at a greater velocity than ever before across a multitude of fields.


With a versatile 200mm microelectronics fabrication facility at the forefront of an emerging 500-acre technology district known as NeoCity, BRIDG enables the development and production of high performance systems, sensors, and security devices.