Wafter - BRIDGWith the new year off to an incredibly fast pace, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the refined focus we have built around our current capabilities. With our initial tool set qualified, we have expanded capabilities that enhance our ability to securely integrate a wide variety of sensors and other microelectronics into a single package for dozens of end applications.


This Advanced System Integration (ASI) technology offers the most affordable path to ensuring Moore’s law — the long-running trend of the number of transistors on a chip doubling every two years while the costs are halved — continues as we move into the future. By integrating multiple microelectronic devices onto a common silicon substrate, we can help industry increase functional density, in essence “more than Moore,” through our ability to be at the leading edge of electronic system integration – integrating sensors, processors, and other electronics in an extremely dense and optimized package to increase security, lower system power requirements, and minimize size and weight in weapon systems, critical infrastructure components and commercial applications, all while reducing vulnerabilities to tampering and reverse engineering. This also enhances overall system performance through the elimination of discrete wires to interconnect the devices.


As we add additional tools and expand our capabilities, we look forward to performing even more advanced tasks within microelectronics development and the low-volume production spectrum. We invite you to bring us your challenges and allow us to explore how our current capabilities can make your product more attractive in the market.

We look forward to being your “go-to” partner for customized prototypes, systems miniaturization, and compound semiconductor materials integration. Learn more about Advanced System Integration solutions offered at BRIDG on our Solutions page.