Mandy Wilcox

Manager, Contracts & Trade Compliance


Mandy Wilcox plays an integral role in contracts and trade compliance initiatives at BRIDG. As the Contracts & Trade Compliance Manager, Wilcox manages the company’s many levels of contracts from local to federal, and spearheads BRIDG’s efforts in export control compliance and procurement activities. During her time with the company, Wilcox established organizational protocols and procedures focused on vendor selection, subrecipient forms and purchase orders. She also set up systems to monitor vendor and contractor invoices against contract values.


Prior to joining BRIDG, Wilcox worked for the University of Central Florida Office of Research and Commercialization. Her institutional knowledge in working within the UCF contracts framework makes her a key member of the BRIDG team. She also developed an ability to improve upon policy implementation early in her career and cultivated that into success at her position.